@webknjaz's ramblings

Hi there šŸ‘‹

I'm @webknjaz and I do open source.

I have no clue how you got here but it's probably because you either know some of my work, or somebody sent you my way. I used to have a blog roughly a decade ago but then I stopped updating it, eventually forgot to pay ā‚¬ for the hosting, and lost it. I believe all of the backups are busted... I can't promise to update this site regularly but it's unlikely that a GitHub Pages hosted resource will disappear like that :)

A short summary about me:

I don't have a specific plan for filling this blog with content but I'll probably text something techy. And when I'll be in a not so nerdy mood, I'll probably rant about some normal people's stuff too.

If you think I abandoned this site, drop by my twitter to see if I'm still alive. Also, don't be surprised if something seems outdated ā€” it probably is. Enjoy exploring!