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Hello Website. Again.

written by Sviatoslav on 2020-11-01

Once upon a time, I used to have a blog. I've lost it at some point. But here I am again. Starting over... As if this time I won't have excuses to postpone writing new posts. The definition of insanity, huh?

Anyway. It's now time to start over. The old blog used WordPress and thus required a web-server with some software like nginx and php-fpm. What sounded necessary back in the day seems ridiculous today. Personal blogs don't need to generate pages on flight, or hit a separate database. All that's needed is some static site generator. And so I chose Lektor for this purpose. It's pythonic and very well customizable — just what one needs to run a blog that can be published to GitHub Pages.

Urgh... That's a pretty long backstory so I'll stop here.

Welcome to my blog!