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ansible-galaxy CLI ❤️ resolvelib

written by Sviatoslav Sydorenko on 2021-02-17

Ever since Ansible Collections got introduced, ansible-galaxy collection install had to somehow figure the whole dependency tree that it's supposed to download and install. The code we had rather entangled. But things are going to change starting ansible-core 2.11. And here's how.

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Et Tu Brutè? Use Travis CI for FOSS no more.

written by Sviatoslav on 2020-11-13

For many years Travis CI has been a go-to solution for automatically running the test suites for open source projects hosted on GitHub. They used to provide a great service and a lot more resources to FOSS projects compared to their competitors. Not anymore, though. And why am I not surprised?

So can we dump Travis CI yet? Let's see...

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Hello Website. Again.

written by Sviatoslav on 2020-11-01

Once upon a time, I used to have a blog. I've lost it at some point. But here I am again. Starting over... As if this time I won't have excuses to postpone writing new posts. The definition of insanity, huh?

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